• 2014 At the peak of its strength, with control over half of Syria and Irag ISIS relentlessly pushes toward the Kurdish Syrian city of Kobanê. Zehra a 32-year old Kurdish woman, is member of the forces that fight with all their might to keep them out. But despite their tireless efforts, ISIS keeps advancing with brutal force. As the war teaches the city center, the leading commander of the city,Rojwar, takes fright and abandons his fellow fighters. Having lost many of her beloved comrades at war, Zahra is compelled to take his place and lead the resistance herself. The ruthless advance of ISIS is slowed down with the arrival of Gelhat and his comrades, experienced guerrilla fighters who are familiar with urban war. But the calm does not last long: the Kurds are outnumbered and outgunned and ISIS manages to lay siege to the city. With dwindling numbers and resources, the city falls apart when ISIS fiercely lauches a crushing attack on them from all sides,and many Kurdish fighters fall martyrs, Gelhat among them. Despite it all, Zehta and her comrades do not give up, and as ISIS members lose their spirit and start to disperse, she leads the break of the siege, marking the dawn of the city's liberation. This is a story of faith and fear, war and resistance, camaraderie and betrayal a story of love, loss heroism and sacrifice together with the intensity of war and revolution. "Nothing will ever be the same again."


العشق الكردي

قصة المدن المنهوبة

العشق بوجه المجزرة

فلم المخطوبة

كومين الفيلم روجافا

كومين الفيلم روجافا كومين فيلم روجافا : مجموعة متعاونة من المصورين السينمائيين الوطنيين/الثوريين تأسست في 14 يوليو 2015 في منطقة إدارة الذاتية الديمقراطية في روجافا كردستان. و يستمد من براديغما المجتمع البيئي والديمقراطي وحرية المرأة . إنه يناضل ضد الإبادة الثقافية الكردية ويريد إظهار ذلك من خلال فن السينما. فهو لا يأخذ المواضيع التي متعلق فقط على الضغوط التي تمر فيها الكرد وكردستان فحسب، بل يجعل المقاومة ضد هذا الضغط والضغوط المستمر منذ مئات السنين وبنيت الثورة، موضوعه الأول و الاساسي .وترتكز منهجيته على ما يسميه "الواقعية الثورية". الواقعية التي لا تكشف الواقع الحالي بطريقة جديدة فحسب، بل يعيد بناء الواقع المحتمل أيضًا. فهو لا يريد مجرد تقديم شكل للواقع القائم، بل أكثر من ذلك فهو يتعامل مع معنى الحياة؛ ثوري، وبناء.


Rojava Film Commune is a non-hierarchical filmmaking collective from the Rojava autonomous region in North East Syria. The Rojava Film Commune was established in 2015 as part of the Rojava revolution with the aim of building a local film culture: through film production, film screenings, travelling cinema to local villages, facilitating discussions about the role of film within the wider revolutionary society, translating films to the local language, starting an international film festival, and establishing a Film Academy. The Film Academy offers one-year courses in Kurdish language and international film history, film theory, and all the stages of film production, taught by local and international film professionals. The structure of the Academy is horizontal, thus allowing the students to co-organise it. The Commune aims to reclaim cinema and film as a means of reimagining society, making films “from our culture, from our people to our people”.